Friday, May 31, 2013

Android Apps for Little Ones.

So before I get started I just want to say that I don't by any means condone giving your children smart phones or tablets all the time, but as a mum I do know that some times you just need 5 minutes for what ever the reason. In my case I'm usually stuck on hold to a certain un-named phone company. Besides that being an ex-childcare worker who can find an educational reason for almost everything... some of the apps out there can be quite educational.

Many of my friends have children around the same age as Hannah who is almost 1 1/2 and for any of those mums out there who have a tablet or smart phone and has a child around the same age as Hannah might know that it is quite difficult to find apps that are age appropriate. I wanted to share with you all some of the ones we have tried and tested and have passed the "5 minutes" test!

When Hannah was a little younger and wasn't quite as "tap happy" with her smart phone/tablet experiences she really enjoyed "Kids Zoo"

This one is free as are all the apps listed on this blog. Kids Zoo is a slide show of many animals and shows the picture of the animal, says its name and makes the sound. The great thing about this app is it has a baby lock ;-)
Next up is "Pacifone" suggested by Bettina at Little Old Souls (please pop over and check out her wonderful blog!) This little app is fantastic! It serves 3 purposes. 1) it has Baby Cam where it uses your phone or tablets camera and shows bubs face on the screen as well as bright colourful pictures moving all around the screen and makes interesting noises to keep bubs attention. My personal favorite feature is 2) the Photostream. You can choose which photos from your gallery to add to a slide show and it also allows you to add a voice over for each photo so you can describe who or what is in the picture. Very cool! It also has a unique baby lock which I even find hard to crack sometimes ;-) 3) the Animal feature is much the same as the Kids Zoo featured above. Pacifone is Freeeeeeeee.
"Baby Phone" is one of Hannah's favorites at the moment. It's very simple. It just has some jumbo sized number buttons just like your phone that make piano noises when you press them. You can "Call" some animals which it rings and the animal answers. Very cute! And it has a little game feature for the older ones where it plays a fun song and the child can press any button really but the aim is to press the one that is wiggling.
I would really love to upload the cutest video of Hannah dancing to this app but I haven't figured out how to upload from my phone onto this blog yet.

"Blackboard for Toddlers" is the next on our list. It is pretty self explanatory. It has blackboard or whiteboard and you can save your little ones pictures if you would like to. This app is also free!

"Kids Animal Piano Free" is one of my personal favorites. If you can't stand listening to a cat do the "Bahh, Bahh Black Sheep" I would advise against uploading this app. This bright and colourful app fills the whole page which is great. If you simply go into playstore and rate the app it unlocks a few more animal sounds and songs for free for your little one to enjoy and to save your sanity :-)

"Drum Kit" isn't a kids app so to speak but Hannah is very "tap happy" during her smart phone/tablet time at the moment so this is perfect for her. It's very simple just tape the drums and it makes the noise.

Finally our newest one is the "Toddler Tap-A-Mole". Hannah is just old enough for this one. The mole pops up and it sits there until your bub taps it on the head. The great thing is it doesn't go down until its hit so it suits Hannah's reflexes at the moment. I didn't think she would be able to do this one just yet but she seemed to pick it up really fast which was great!

Anyway I hope your little one enjoys these apps as much as mine does. There are so many out there to sift through, so I think it's great to hear what others have tried and tested (recommend) It saves me a lot of time and download/data usage. I would really love to hear which one you have found and love, so we can give it a try :-)
I look forward to hearing from you all,


  1. I cannot seen to get the links to the apps to work. Can you email me them?

  2. Hi Iliska, I'm so sorry about that. I am still so new at all this. I have fixed the links and tested them and they seem to work fine now. I will however email them to you as well :-)Thank you for letting me know they were not working!