Friday, May 31, 2013

Why Blog?

This is my first ever blog. I don't by any means concider myself a writer and I am not really trying to create an audience, I'm not really one for attracting attention and I do consider myself a more private person but for a few reasons I have started this blog.

One- I sometimes feel like I am bothering my poor friends on Facebook with all my 'Hannah' photos and status updates!
Two- We have been experiencing some technical difficulties lately and I have lost a lot of trust I once had in computers and in this digital age we rely so much on them and hardly print anything off... I am so scared I'm going to loose all my beloved, irreplaceable photos and videos.
Three- As a way to track magical milestones for our family and most importantly Hannah so that I can always look back on this "time capsule" in the future.
And finally four- I had a moment today (During my week off study) where I was thinking a little too much into how I would share with all my friends, many of whom have little bubs around Hannah's age my favourite android apps that I have found useful.

So here we are. If you are not interested in what I have to say, by all means please feel free to discontinue reading. If I capture your interest long enough to read a few posts, I always welcome feedback and contributions. Please leave me a comment to let me know you are reading and what you think about what I'm saying.

Anyway onto my little blog about Android Apps for Little Ones, if i can figure out how all this works ha ha :-D

By for now,



  1. Welcome to Blog Land! I love it (most of the time). I've certainly meet some great people through blogging and I'm sure you will too.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Michelle! So far I am loving it... possibly a little too much. I think I need to work on my time management, feels like all I do is blog now ;-) It's very addictive! I've just added you to my reading list. Your photos are amazing! Very inspirational!