Saturday, June 29, 2013

Why Wait For New Years 3 . 0

Okay... so I still haven't picked my a$$ up off the couch and got onto my step again this week ugh!!! The thought of it all just seems like too much effort, specially when the only space in the house big enough to host a step work out has a TV but no DVD player. So in order to do my step work out, it requires me to not only work my a$$ off... literally; but also un-plug, relocate and fiddle around with wires just to get the DVD player into the room before I even start.

So... no step work out this week and then I didn't factor into my little fitness plan that there would be school holidays right in the middle of my month; which means that there are kids and families at the park ALL THE TIME! Work outs in the park was supposed to be the next part of my strategy. This just left yoga, which thankfully was a good week of yoga for me.

I moved onto weeks 5 and 6 of the Light On Yoga Challenge from Little Old Souls and oh my gosh... this particular pose... my tummy and leg muscles are still soooo sore!

Picture from: This Link
But I must say I feel good! I hope that you are feeling great after your workouts this week too.

Missed out on weeks one and two? You can catch up here and here.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Re-acquainting With Your Camera- Program AE

We continue to learn all the functions of our camera to follow on from the Getting Re-acquainted With Your Camera post.  In this post we are focusing on the Program AE Mode on the camera. There is a lot covered in this post and it is a lot to take in. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed but I would say this is a good place to start if you are just starting out with having a fiddle and learning new settings.

In the <P> (Program AE) Mode, you can set various functions to be more creative. P stands for Program and AE stands for Auto Exposure therefore in this mode the aperture and shutter speed are in Program Shift, or auto to obtain the standard exposure. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the ISO speeds for a normal shooting. Program AE Mode is like Auto Mode, but you are allowed to control AF Mode, Metering, White Balance and etc, as shown below:

Aperture = Program Shift
Shutter Speed = Program Shift
Exposure = Selectable
ISO Speed = Selectable
Built-in Flash = Selectable
Picture Style = Selectable
White Balance = Selectable
AF Mode = Selectable
AF Point Selection = Selectable
Drive Mode = Selectable
Metering Mode = Selectable
To change the shutter speed and aperture program shift, press the shutter button halfway down, at the bottom of the viewfinder it should display the shutter speed. It should be 30" to 4000 or (30-1/400). The darker it is, the lower the number and the slower the shutter speed will be, although the lower the shutter speed the more likely to result in camera shake. The program can be shifted by pressing the shutter button halfway, then turn the dial to change the shutter speed and aperture setting combination.

So changing the shutter speed allows you to slow the shutter speed the darker it is and increase the speed the lighter it is. My little handbook says that if the shutter speed is too slow you may need to use your flash or increase the ISO to help with the camera shake and blurriness. Lets take a look at ISO.

ISO= Imaging Sensor's Sensitivity to light. You can set the ISO to suit the ambient light level. For example, when you increase the ISO speed to a higher number for low light, a faster shutter speed can be used and camera shake will be less prone and the effective range of the flash will also increase. On my camera the ISO button is located on the ^ arrow button next to the view finder. When pressed the ISO Speed will appear. You can select the speed using the arrows then press the shutter button half way down. With ISO 800 or 1600, camera shake will be less prone then with the basic zone modes. The flash range will also be longer.

ISO speed guide.
100/200 for sunny outdoors
400/800 for overcast skies or evenings
1600 for night or dark indoors.

If the subject is far away, a higher the ISO speed increases the effective range of the flash.

If you would like to use your flash but it didn't automatically activate, in the <P> mode you can pop up the flash by pressing the small round flash button on the front of you camera to the right of the zoom.
Image from: This link

Selecting the Picture Style which is a Mode to adjust the contrast, colour tone, brightness and etc. To select the picture style press the menu then camera 2 then down to picture style pressing set. Finally select the style you desire. Most digital camera comes with six picture style:
Standard- The image looks vivid, sharp and crisp. This is a general-purpose picture style suitable for most scenes.
Portrait- for nice skin tones. The image looks slightly sharp and crisp. This is effective for close-ups of women and children. The picture style is also selected automatically when the mode dial is set to portrait.

Landscape- For vivid blues and greens, and very sharp and crisp images. Effective for impressive landscapes. This picture style is also selected automatically when the mode dial is set to landscape.
Neutral- It makes the picture low saturation and contrast for natural colours and subdued images. This is for users who prefer to process images with their personal computer.
Faithful- This selection is good for users who prefer to process images with their personal computer. This Mode emphasis the texture and colour same as the subject under colour temperature 5200k, the image is adjusted colour metrically to match the subject's colour. The image is dull and subdued.

Monochrome- The picture will convert into Black and White colour.
What is White Balance? White Balance is a setting to balance the colour of your picture under different types of light. You can shoot in different white balance setting under the same light source. This adjustment will have the same effect as using a colour compensating filter. To set the white balance manually press the (v-down) WB button then use the < or > keys to select the desired white balance setting then press the shutter button halfway. Options are as followed:
 Auto White Balance (AWB)- The White Balance is automatically select the best colour reproduction. This is the best setting for normal use.
 Daylight- The colour of picture will look like shooting under the midday sun.
Shade (If you notice the shade is actually a bit bluish, shooting in this mode will remove the bluish when you shoot under the shade.)

Tungsten Light- The colour of light bulb, yellow-orange colour cast. This help you to remove the warm colour cast.
Cloudy- Shade and Cloudy are about the same. But Cloudy Mode will add a bit more yellow tinge to compensate for the bluish tinge.
Fluorescent Light- Indoors photo will look slightly greenish because of the fluorescent light. This mode will compensates the greenish colour.
Flash- Flash and Daylight are about the same. But Flash Mode will be slightly bluish. Therefore, it will compensates the bluish as well.

You can change the Automatic Focus (AF) mode to suit different subjects such as group photos, animals or sports. Press the AF button which is the > arrow next to the view finder on my camera. You can select by using the left or right key then aim and press the shutter button halfway. The camera will then auto focus in the selected AF mode.

One shot AF is ideal for still subjects and snapshots. When pressing the shutter halfway, the camera will focus once and will be locked in. If you are capturing a close up portrait focus on the eyes.
Al Focus AF is for subjects moving unpredictably such as animals. When you press the shutter button halfway, the camera will focus in the same way as One-Shot AF but if the subject starts to move the camera switches to Al Servo AF and focuses continually. Al stands for Artificial Intelligence if you were curious.
Al Servo AF is geared for sports photography and other moving subjects. While you hold the shutter button halfway, the focus and exposure setting will be adjusted continuously.

Selecting the AF Point- In the Basic Image Zone modes all the AF points are active with the AF point covering the closest subject will be selected to focus and therefore the camera sometimes not focusing on the subject you want. With the P, TV, AV and M modes you can select one AF point to focus where you want. To do this press the button above the arrow keys, note: this button is also the zoom button. When all AF points light up the automatic AF point selection is set. Use your arrows to select the AF point until the desired AF point turns red. Press set. Then aim the Selected AF point over your subject then press the shutter button halfway before continuing all the way down. The centre AF point focuses the best among the 9 AF points.

 Image from: This Link

Manual Focusing- flicking between manual and auto focusing on your lens can be great to experiment with. I have found that the manual focus can achieve nice clear pictures but it can be quite difficult to see if the picture is truly clear when you are not in nice bright conditions. Focus by turning the lens focusing ring until the subject looks sharp in the view finder.
Note: You can which between automatic and manual focusing in any mode. Also you can not use AF Mode if you are using Manual Focus. It is because once you selected Manual Focus, the AF Mode selection is disabled.

Image from: This link

Selecting the Drive Mode- there are 3 different types of Drive Mode for my camera, which are single, continuous shutter and timer. You can switch between the three by pressing the button to the right of the view finder, above the navigation keys. then < or > to select the mode you would like. Selecting the continuous mode allows you to hold the shutter button down to take up to 3 shots per second.

Metering Mode is a setting to measure the brightness entered the camera in order to get the correct Exposure. Most camera setting Metering Mode in Evaluative metering by default. Therefore, you will see the symbol like an eye. To change the metering mode press the < button then press the < or > to switch between the metering modes. There are three Metering Mode, each of them has different area in detecting the brightness.
Evaluative Metering- This is a standard mode which suitable to most scenes. It is an all-around metering mode, the camera will sets the exposure automatically to suit most scenes.
Center-weighted Average Metering
- The Metering is concentrated at the centre and averaged with the rest of the scene. It will gain more details at the background but the front subject will get darker in back light shooting. Center-weighted Average metering got darker picture compare with Evaluative metering.
Partial Metering
- This mode is more suitable for scenes where there are very bright and very dark scenes. The metering is in a small target which cover about 9% of the centre of the viewfinder. It is more suitable for back lighting subject. Brightness of both subject and background will be balanced in this Metering Mode, the details of background are lesser compare with Evaluative Mode.
*Please be aware that Exposure and Metering are different setting, but these setting will affect each other. If you decrease the Exposure, you will get a darker version ONLY, you do not gain details for that. But Metering Mode is the Area you want your camera to concentrate.
Any questions: please be aware that I am learning along just like you, so I will do my best to answer them if I know the answer or by doing some research.

Do you have any tips or information on the Program AE setting that you would like to share?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Fridge Door- Home Made Sausage Rolls

Ohhhh... are you guys in for a treat this week! Today my Dad and I did a collaborative effort to make his special Home Made Sausage Roll recipe. They are delicious!
Small pork sausages
Puff pastry sheets
Fennel seeds whole

Sesame seeds
Parmesan cheese shredded

1 egg
Plain flour

Cut the puff pastry in strips the to suite the length of the sausages.
Generously sprinkle fennel seeds and Parmesan cheese over the pastry strips.

Put the sausage on the pastry and roll it up 1 full roll and a little bit more.

Repeat till you have enough sausage rolls.
Beat 1 egg in a cup and paint the top and sides of the sausage rolls.
Generously sprinkle the rolls with sesame seeds.
Sprinkle plain flour in a baking tray evenly spread out then place rolls into the tray.
Put into a preheated oven (180-200 deg) for approx. 1 hr. or until brown enough to suite you.

Recipe in my Dad's words :-)


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Getting Re-acquainted With Your Camera

I have recently came across Improve Photography's: 22 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Photography Forever blog/post and loved it! It's very first action on the list is "Learn every function your camera is capable of performing"

Great tip! I am no professional when it comes to photography and over the last few years I have gone from having limited knowledge of my SLR camera to pretty much mainly using the automatic setting or the pre-set modes. So Improve Photography's post has inspired me to get re-acquainted with my camera and learn all it's functions. I hope you will learn along with me.

My camera is a Cannon ESO 400D. Your camera may be different to mine but the main ideas should be similar.

In this post I will touch on your pre-set modes because it is good to have a thorough knowledge of these before we move on to more technical stuff :-) So we are talking about from the fully automatic setting and down. In the basic modes, most functions are set automatically and cannot be changed to prevent spoiling shots.


Fully Automatic- In this mode, all of the automatic focus points will operate which allows the camera to easily and automatically focus on your subject making the picture clear. To activate the automatic focus just hold the shutter button half way down, then fully down to take the picture.

Portrait Mode- Blurs the background to make the human subject stand out. It also makes the flesh tones and hair look softer then in the Fully Automatic mode. The further the distance between the human and the background the more the background will look blurred. The subject will stand out better in front of a plain, dark background. If you have a zoom lens use the telephoto end. If you hold the shutter button down, you can shoot continuously to capture different facial expressions or poses.

Landscape Mode- This mode can be used for wide scenery, night scenes and to have everything in focus from near to far. This mode disables the built-in flash and blues and greens also become more vivid and sharp then with the Fully Automatic mode. If you have a zoom lens, use the wide-angle end as it will add breadth to landscapes. As this mode disables the built-in flash it makes it great for night scenes, but you should consider using a tripod to prevent camera shake.

Close-up Mode- When you want to photograph small things up close use this mode and to make small things appear much larger, use a macro lens. Use a simple background to make the flower etc stand out better. Move as close as possible to the subject and if you have a zoom lens use the telephoto end.

Sports Mode- To photograph a moving subject use this mode and use the telephoto end of the zoom (if applicable) so you can shoot from afar. Use the centre Automatic Focus point and press the shutter button halfway, before pressing it all the way down to take the picture. While holding the button down the continuous shooting and automatic focusing will be functioning.

Night Portrait Mode- This mode is best used for shooting someone at night and obtain a natural-looking exposure in the background. Best used with the zoom set to the wide-angle end and a tripod or the self timer. Keep the person within 5 meters from the camera as the flash will activate to obtain a good exposure of the person.

And finally the Flash Off Mode- This is used in places where flash photography is prohibited or candlelight scenes when you want to obtain the candlelight effect. If your subject is a person under low light, they must stay still or they will look blurred in the picture. Under low light the camera is prone to camera shake so you could use a tripod or if you have a zoom lens use the wide-angle end to reduce blur.
Ok, I want to admit that I got confused when I was reading about the telephoto and wide-angle end of the zoom lens so I did some research (good ol Google) and I found this definition:
"A zoom lens has a zoom range within which you can adjust the zoom. When they say end, they are referring to either end of the zoom range - the point after which you can turn the zoom control no further in that direction."
  • Zoomed all the way "in" = telephoto end of the zoom range
  • Zoomed all the way "out" = wide end of the zoom range
Someone also adds: "the intended meaning is at or near the actual end. Like the "deep end of the pool" -- it doesn't mean right up against the edge, but the whole area near the that end."
*Most of my information is coming from my Cannon Instruction Manual. :-)

Any questions: please be aware that I am learning along just like you, so I will do my best to answer any questions if I know the answer or by doing some research.

Do you have any tips or information on the pre-set modes that you would like to share?

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Fridge Door- Savory Scrolls

Savoury Scrolls...

Another not overly healthy snack for little ones but I must say it is another quick easy recipe to create and the kiddies... and Daddies will love it. The fillings are only limited to your imagination and what your children's tastebuds will allow but the great thing about these scrolls is you can partially hide healthy food in them. Possibly some vegie purees perhaps?

3 Sheets of frozen pastry
Tomato or BBQ sauce
Grated cheese

Fry up your finely diced onions until they are fragrant and softened.
Lay out your pastry sheets on the bench.
Smear a layer of sauce to cover all bar approx. 1cm and a half around the outside.
Layer ham on top. Can be shredded or shaved, you could even used diced fried bacon (as long as what ever you are using is not too thick as this will make it difficult to roll) and diced, fried onion.
Layer some grated cheese over the top and start rolling your pastry into a long cylinder.
Slice into about 2cm sections and place on a lined baking tray.
Bake in a moderate oven until the pastry has started to crisp up and the cheese is starting to brown.
Allow to cool but it is best eaten warm.

Another variation is vegemite and cheese.

Note: Although these are best eaten immediately and I highly doubt there will be any left unless you made a bulk batch, they can be eaten the next day or frozen for lunchbox fillers.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why Wait For New Years 2 .0

Okay, do you want to hear the "What you want to hear" version or the "honest" version?

Well the good news is I did get up and moving this past week to kick start my Get Fit pledge, but it was probably not my best effort. I only did 3 yoga sessions, 0 step workouts and only 1 workout in the park :-/ I guess it is harder to get into the habit then I thought.

I was starting to think that I was in this on my own as no one commented on my Why Wait For New Years? post to indicate that anyone was even reading it, let alone jumping on board so that was a big motivation killer. But... finally without warning Jen from Crafting just because popped on over and commented and it has sparked an all new kick up the butt to continue on with my mission. Of course I would have continued anyway, it takes more than that to stop me when I have my mind set on something but it would have been with far less enthusiasm and would have been much less effective.

Thank you so much Jen, I owe this whole week to you!

To note on the past weeks efforts: it was really an enjoyable experience undertaking some yoga with Hannah. It started off me doing my yoga while Hannah was drawing then after a while, I must have intrigued her because she started to try and copy what I was doing. It really made the session much more enjoyable! I can definitely recommend yoga with little ones. I started thinking about a 'pin' I seen recently The ABC's of Yoga for Kids.

Hannah is a tad little to understand this yet but you could definitely give it a go with your slightly older kiddies at home. What a great idea!

Anyway here's to a better week.

P.S- It's not too late to start and join in.
P.P.S- Or comment to let me know that you are reading ha ha ;-)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Morning Sickness Monster

(At 40 weeks)

I'm very pleased to announce that I am 542 days morning sickness free!!! And I must say that each and every one of those days, I have never ever been more grateful for not feeling sick. I was one of the unfortunate ones who ended up having pretty bad morning sickness right from 6 weeks through till when I was laying on the surgical bed being stitched up :-/

Pre-pregnancy, I stupidly used to think that morning sickness was all in your head. That if you were a melodramatic kind of person you would be more likely to be one of the ones who suffered from it (I mean who cant handle a bit of nausea). I was determined to be morning sickness free. Oh did I get a well deserved wake up call! I found out I was pregnant due to my morning sickness which was made X 10 worse working full time in childcare in a room on my own, which made rushing to the staff toilet ASAP particularly difficult.

I tried everything to ease the symptoms: sea sickness bands, the tablets the hospital gives you, eating dry biscuits all day every day, eating small amounts regularly, ginger the list goes on and on. Believe me I had a lot of time to test it all out. I even did the power of the mind at 12 weeks and 20 weeks saying to myself and everyone else for that matter that the morning sickness period is over now and I WONT be sick any more (Didn't work!). The only way I can describe it to someone who hasn't experienced it first hand is, it's like the worst hang over you have ever had 24/7. Including the severe tiredness, feeling sick, vomiting, smells of certain food, drinks or anything for that matter making you run to the toilet to vomit, headaches pretty much the whole package.

(Hannah's 20 week scan)
A few moments I would love to share with you; Our local IGA in Kingaroy where I lived at the time had a small bakery at the entrance. There was no way around it but go straight past. To me while pregnant it had a funny smell that used to trigger my gag reflex, I tried to hold it in while I rushed in to just grab a couple of things but I didn't even get to my first item and it was almost to late. I literally ran out the front door and just made it to the raised garden bed that lined the ramp about 2 meters from the door and vomited. Thankfully there was no one coming or going for that moment and I pulled it together to rush over to my car that was conveniently parked next to another bare garden when I finished the deed. I'm sure bystanders must have thought I was some weird 'alcho' blind rotten drunk at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Not a pleasant experience.

Another less lucky for me incident was one evening we had a staff meeting. Now I knew I couldn't eat fast food because it was another 'trigger' but I figured I didn't have time to cook for myself and I could just choose a healthier option (a burger with plenty of salad... no chips) and I should be fine. I made it right through the meeting and on the way home I made it 3/4 of the way and before I could pull over it ended up all over my lap, arms, shirt, door, steering wheel, seat, floor, floor mat, dash board, windscreen and believe it or not the sun visor and roof!!! I had a friend staying at my house at the time for TAFE and I stumbled in covered head to toe in vomit and I am forever grateful that he helped me take my seat cover off before it could soak through to the seat. I must say I really feel for the car detailers who helped me clean it the next day.

Finally I don't know if it was the anaesthetic, drugs I was on through out my labour or it was still my morning sickness but the worst of all time that I had to throw up was moments after my 'c' section. I endured 4 days of contractions, 9 hours of labour and still ended up having a cesarean. After they cut me open and Hannah was with the nurse being cleaned up, instead of having the first cuddles and special new family moments I was vomiting AGAIN! But this time was so scary. As I had to have the spinal block so they could do the procedure my tummy muscles weren't working and I couldn't bring it up. I was OK but it kinda ruined the moment!

Any way my point is that I still am so grateful to be not sick anymore. 9 months is a very long time to be sick, it makes enjoying the pregnancy and having that beautiful mother-to-be glow, heaven forbid trying to work through till 35 weeks and nesting so difficult. I really feel for any new mothers who have any nausea at all and don't wish it on my worst of enemies! Fingers crossed next time round I have better luck.

What are your morning sickness remedies?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Parenting Links

If you enjoy reading my posts about parenting and being a mummy, you might like to check out some of the other parenting related blogs below.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

State of Origin

It doesn't matter what team you go for, this time of year you just can't help the sense of pride and belonging erupting from deep within.... QUEENSLANDER! Sorry, I couldn't help it :-D. I don't even really follow footy that much despite coming from a family of footy fanatics. But this time of year, I dress up in the rich maroons, plan special feasts, social events and the giant wide screen is reserved for nothing but the big game. This time of year ignites the strongest of passion from the weakest of fans and creates a temporary rivalry between mates that usually would shy away from any form of conflict! This grudge will never be settled. But it is a good thing!

The feeling of being a part of a team, the sense of sharing common grounds with someone you probably don't normally share a whole lot with and the opportunity to fight for something you care about is un-beatable. A bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone, not to mention the free beers and merchandise you get to win from your local watering hole is a nice bonus.

Going to a live State of Origin game is definitely something that everyone needs to do at least once in your life! The long waits for the toilets, expensive drinks and the 500 stairs to work it all off on really is an unbelievable. The atmosphere really is the draw card here but honestly it is worth it! I have sadly only been once. My second opportunity I was suffering from sever morning sickness and even then it was difficult to pass over my ticket but the thought of running down 3 kilometers of stairs and waiting in line to go to the toilets so I could vomit was kinda out weighed in that situation. But I would happily go many, many times in the future. I can recommend stopping before and/or after at a few of the surrounding pubs because it all builds onto the already incredible experience.

So the question this year is will Queensland make it to eight? Some might say that it is getting boring or that it is unfair that we win all the time but I say it fuels the giant. Each additional year is a record breaker now, what a big incentive for the boys to pull us over the line. How could you not have the strength to win when the entire state is behind you! Queensland's edge is all the community spirit , pride and passion that the fans build in the weeks surrounding the games. I think that is something that NSW's lacks and quite possibly is one of the reasons they aren't living up the the mark each year.

P.S This image is not current.

Here's to a good game next week, where ever you are watching it from.

How do you get involved each game? Where do you watch from? What are your origin traditions?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why Wait For New Years?

Image from This Link

Why do we wait for New Years Eve to make resolutions? When we want to make changes in our lives why don't we start today! I consider myself an optimist, and I don't wake up in the morning before leaving the house thinking to myself "We're going to get robbed today!". But I have been thinking lately, and quite possibly because of a few movies I have watched recently... What if something did happen? I would like to think that in the moment with motherly instincts and adrenaline I would but I don't know that I could physically protect Hannah. I would be very lucky to be capable of running a block!

So here I pledge a one month increase fitness challenge. This is not a get skinny or eat healthy resolution, although they would be very welcome bonuses. This is one month designated to increasing our fitness. I only commit to a month because with all honesty when semester two of uni commences I can not promise there will be any time left over for anything but the basics and if I have any chance of making it work this would be the time it will happen for me. Hopefully I can get into a routine that will last many months after my challenge.

So how will I do this? Gym's are not for me... well actually I love a good gym session and even more a group class like "Pump", "Body Balance" or "Step" but the expensive memberships and the fact that Ben is doing a lot of over-time at work right now leaves me with little Hannah free time, it needs to be practical otherwise I might as well delete this post. So I am playing catch up with Bettina's Light On Yoga Challenge. I would love for you to join me, join them. You can find all the information you need here at Little Old Souls. This is a great option for me as it requires little to no equipment and I don't even have to leave the house. Nap time or even with Hannah in tow I can give it a go (P.S Bettina demonstrates perfectly how you can participate with a toddler so there are no excuses).

Image from This Link

OK so that's one aspect of fitness sorted, the other is the cardio side of things. I was lucky enough to have received an aerobics step for my birthday this year and I purchased a Step Aerobics DVD cheap on eBay a while ago so I shall get back on that band wagon. If you don't have this equipment at home you might need to get creative to find another alternative. Hannah and I also frequently visit the quiet little park near our house which is surrounded by nice big bushy trees so I would like to try and run the length of the park and increase that each time we go. I could also do triceps dips on the picnic bench and any other way I can get up and moving while Hannah is playing on the swings. Better break out the joggers!

Image from This Link

I will post regular weekly progress reports on what I have been up to but here is where you come in. I am quite likely to loose motivation with out your support, knowing someone is reading these posts and working along with me. So I need to hear your pledges too! Who is with me? How long do you commit to increase your fitness? And what are your strategies going to be? They can change each week, i'm sure mine will.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fine Photography

I have always, always had a passion for photography. It is such a powerful tool for us who have no memory! My passion has developed over the years from during high school when I wanted to remember the best years of my life and to also have some evidence of what I used to look like in my prime (LOL) through to when I was about 21 and landed my first photography job at the Central Queensland News the local paper in Emerald as the casual weekend photographer.

(I really wanted to include one of my highschool photos here but unfortunately all my photo albums are currently in storage and I don't have good access to them. So watch this space, hopefully I can add it soon!)

I got paid to indulge in my hobby. What more can a girl ask for! I also brought my first SLR camera and zoom lens while I was there (Canon 400D). What an amazing opportunity. Having this big fancy camera inspired me to take my photography to the next level and try to capture the beautiful things in life. I am still learning new skills and how to use all the features on my camera everyday. I would absolutely love to do a course one day after I finish my Bach of Education and have a lighter study workload for it (I suppose I should prioritise!).


Then the whole world shifted when I had my beautiful daughter Hannah. All the wonderful joys that motherhood brings aside, I had this amazing reason for photographing now and the most breath taking (well for me anyway) subject. I found myself testing my skills to capture the best photograph I could. I was photographing all the "first" moments and documenting her growth. I wanted to remember everything! Some occasions for example her first trip to the beach which was a 2 1/2 day trip I took almost 300 photos! You can never have too many photos... right?!?! The poor little girl will end up with welding flash by the time she is 5 :-D.


I was reflecting back to my parents family photos and there were many but not as many as I would have loved to be able to look back on. To their defence it was film cameras back then and you didn't have the luxury of deleting the bad photos and were kind of limited to taking what the film would hold. I think it was 24 photos wasn't it? They always make fun of me for taking too many photos of Hannah. Speaking of, I'll take this moment to sympathise for all of my facebook friends who have had to endure all of my Hannah photos and status updates. I actually bumped into a friend that I hadn't seen since before I had Hannah who seen her for the first time today. I quote "I feel like I already know her from all of your photos on facebook." Ha ha ha ha. Sorry guys!

Anyway I leave you with a few of my favorite unedited photos. Hopefully over time and one day when I get my opportunity to undertake the photography course I desperately want to do I will get better. Please feel free to share any new exciting tips that you have discovered lately.