Sunday, June 16, 2013

State of Origin

It doesn't matter what team you go for, this time of year you just can't help the sense of pride and belonging erupting from deep within.... QUEENSLANDER! Sorry, I couldn't help it :-D. I don't even really follow footy that much despite coming from a family of footy fanatics. But this time of year, I dress up in the rich maroons, plan special feasts, social events and the giant wide screen is reserved for nothing but the big game. This time of year ignites the strongest of passion from the weakest of fans and creates a temporary rivalry between mates that usually would shy away from any form of conflict! This grudge will never be settled. But it is a good thing!

The feeling of being a part of a team, the sense of sharing common grounds with someone you probably don't normally share a whole lot with and the opportunity to fight for something you care about is un-beatable. A bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone, not to mention the free beers and merchandise you get to win from your local watering hole is a nice bonus.

Going to a live State of Origin game is definitely something that everyone needs to do at least once in your life! The long waits for the toilets, expensive drinks and the 500 stairs to work it all off on really is an unbelievable. The atmosphere really is the draw card here but honestly it is worth it! I have sadly only been once. My second opportunity I was suffering from sever morning sickness and even then it was difficult to pass over my ticket but the thought of running down 3 kilometers of stairs and waiting in line to go to the toilets so I could vomit was kinda out weighed in that situation. But I would happily go many, many times in the future. I can recommend stopping before and/or after at a few of the surrounding pubs because it all builds onto the already incredible experience.

So the question this year is will Queensland make it to eight? Some might say that it is getting boring or that it is unfair that we win all the time but I say it fuels the giant. Each additional year is a record breaker now, what a big incentive for the boys to pull us over the line. How could you not have the strength to win when the entire state is behind you! Queensland's edge is all the community spirit , pride and passion that the fans build in the weeks surrounding the games. I think that is something that NSW's lacks and quite possibly is one of the reasons they aren't living up the the mark each year.

P.S This image is not current.

Here's to a good game next week, where ever you are watching it from.

How do you get involved each game? Where do you watch from? What are your origin traditions?

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