Friday, June 21, 2013

The Fridge Door- Savory Scrolls

Savoury Scrolls...

Another not overly healthy snack for little ones but I must say it is another quick easy recipe to create and the kiddies... and Daddies will love it. The fillings are only limited to your imagination and what your children's tastebuds will allow but the great thing about these scrolls is you can partially hide healthy food in them. Possibly some vegie purees perhaps?

3 Sheets of frozen pastry
Tomato or BBQ sauce
Grated cheese

Fry up your finely diced onions until they are fragrant and softened.
Lay out your pastry sheets on the bench.
Smear a layer of sauce to cover all bar approx. 1cm and a half around the outside.
Layer ham on top. Can be shredded or shaved, you could even used diced fried bacon (as long as what ever you are using is not too thick as this will make it difficult to roll) and diced, fried onion.
Layer some grated cheese over the top and start rolling your pastry into a long cylinder.
Slice into about 2cm sections and place on a lined baking tray.
Bake in a moderate oven until the pastry has started to crisp up and the cheese is starting to brown.
Allow to cool but it is best eaten warm.

Another variation is vegemite and cheese.

Note: Although these are best eaten immediately and I highly doubt there will be any left unless you made a bulk batch, they can be eaten the next day or frozen for lunchbox fillers.

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