Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why Wait For New Years 2 .0

Okay, do you want to hear the "What you want to hear" version or the "honest" version?

Well the good news is I did get up and moving this past week to kick start my Get Fit pledge, but it was probably not my best effort. I only did 3 yoga sessions, 0 step workouts and only 1 workout in the park :-/ I guess it is harder to get into the habit then I thought.

I was starting to think that I was in this on my own as no one commented on my Why Wait For New Years? post to indicate that anyone was even reading it, let alone jumping on board so that was a big motivation killer. But... finally without warning Jen from Crafting just because popped on over and commented and it has sparked an all new kick up the butt to continue on with my mission. Of course I would have continued anyway, it takes more than that to stop me when I have my mind set on something but it would have been with far less enthusiasm and would have been much less effective.

Thank you so much Jen, I owe this whole week to you!

To note on the past weeks efforts: it was really an enjoyable experience undertaking some yoga with Hannah. It started off me doing my yoga while Hannah was drawing then after a while, I must have intrigued her because she started to try and copy what I was doing. It really made the session much more enjoyable! I can definitely recommend yoga with little ones. I started thinking about a 'pin' I seen recently The ABC's of Yoga for Kids.

Hannah is a tad little to understand this yet but you could definitely give it a go with your slightly older kiddies at home. What a great idea!

Anyway here's to a better week.

P.S- It's not too late to start and join in.
P.P.S- Or comment to let me know that you are reading ha ha ;-)


  1. Hahaha still reading :) but I'm a big lazy butt!! I completely forgot to look for my yoga mat!! So I'm going to get my daughter BACK to bed again then start hunting for it. It's funny because my sister's partner always does yoga and my nephew always runs around copying him. Even if they aren't at home. He's really cute!! :)

  2. Oh and I love that picture, I'm snapping it up too :)

  3. Ha Ha that would be the cutest thing! Good luck with your yoga this week :-)