Saturday, June 29, 2013

Why Wait For New Years 3 . 0

Okay... so I still haven't picked my a$$ up off the couch and got onto my step again this week ugh!!! The thought of it all just seems like too much effort, specially when the only space in the house big enough to host a step work out has a TV but no DVD player. So in order to do my step work out, it requires me to not only work my a$$ off... literally; but also un-plug, relocate and fiddle around with wires just to get the DVD player into the room before I even start.

So... no step work out this week and then I didn't factor into my little fitness plan that there would be school holidays right in the middle of my month; which means that there are kids and families at the park ALL THE TIME! Work outs in the park was supposed to be the next part of my strategy. This just left yoga, which thankfully was a good week of yoga for me.

I moved onto weeks 5 and 6 of the Light On Yoga Challenge from Little Old Souls and oh my gosh... this particular pose... my tummy and leg muscles are still soooo sore!

Picture from: This Link
But I must say I feel good! I hope that you are feeling great after your workouts this week too.

Missed out on weeks one and two? You can catch up here and here.

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