Thursday, July 18, 2013

Childs Play

Hannah received this wonderful sand and water trough as a very generous Christmas gift last year and now that winter has rolled around (despite that here in Emerald we have been having 13-24 degree days) unfortunately it has been sitting dormant collecting dust on our back patio.
My time in daycare has trained me to be a little creative, think between the lines and also to appreciate nature and using it to aid children's learning. So after thinking about it for a few days today I finally got around to going down to the nursery and getting a few buckets of river pebbles/rocks. I want to point out how proud of myself I am for being so strong lifting those heavy buckets (which weren't actually buckets but those big flexi plastic tub things) out of the boot of my car and over to the trough all by myself... such a big girl I am!
This type of experience is so perfect for Hannah as anyone who actually knows her knows that she is borderline obsessed with rocks and will spend hours in any rock filled garden picking them up, exploring them and moving them around. This type of activity aids children's learning and development by expanding their skills in sorting, comparing, texture, nature and environment, counting, dramatic play, weighing and many other skills that they will need to develop during their early childhood years.
The rocks cost all of $10 in which we ended up with way too many for what we needed them for. It makes a refreshing change from the expensive plastic toys for the shops.
Is this a kind of activity you would organise for your kids at home?


  1. This is a cute outdoor play center. I like how you used rocks instead of sand. However, my luck my child would throw a rock at a window.

    I am stopping by from Bloggy Mom's Blog Hop.

    1. Hi Christy, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. My little girl loves rocks and we already have a sand pit so it was an easy alternative to water through the winter months. :-) Fingers crossed none go in the direction of windows!!!