Friday, July 12, 2013

Why Wait for New Years 4.0

This is my final post in the Why Wait For New Years series as semester two of uni commences on Monday and my priorities whether I like it or not must shift.

I noticed that since moving to Emerald... scrap that... moving back to Kingaroy in November 2012, I stopped walking. I love walking! So last week while Ben had Hannah for the afternoon I decided to take my dog Roxy for a nice long walk. The weather was more than beautiful and within as little as three minutes I realised how much I had missed it! The gentle breeze on my skin, the smell of freshly cut grass, the colours that radiate from everything the way only the setting afternoon sun can reflect and most importantly the sound of some much loved tracks on my Ipod in my ear.

It was more enjoyable then I anticipated to slow down and re-discover the little town I had left behind so many years ago and to take in all the little details I had forgotten. It started to get later and I knew I needed to turn around and head home to begin my evening dinner and bath routines but I found myself wanting to keep going and re-discover more. I arrived home re-energized and re-freshed after taking some time out to clear my thoughts and indulge in some 'ME' time.

If that isn't motivation to continue my fitness plans after the month goal I had set myself, I don't know what is! Some times the best inspiration and treasures in life are not complicated or expencive, to simplify and appreciate what we already have and know is all we need.

What do you enjoy the most when you go walking?

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