Friday, August 9, 2013

Veronica Mars Fan... Pffft... That's an understatement!!!

Veronica Mars aired way back in September 2004, when after only a few episodes they got me hook, line and sinker! (Very recommended addictive series if you haven't seen it yet) Much to my disappointment the network started to air the episodes later and later every week making it almost impossible to sit up and watch. This lead me to buy the DVD sets which I must say I have gotten my moneys worth as I have watched them so many times!

After the third season the show was prematurely dropped and do you think they wrapped everything up in a nice little bow for the loyal viewers? Nope not a chance. No answers, no conclusion and no closure! Leading us to take to the Internet for any information about anything to get our fix. All I could find was a disappointing script of a proposal for season 4 which I'm not even sure if it was official or just a fan made product. Then nothing... and just as I thought I was starting to get over it and move on...

The whole world moved when a friend of mine posted a status update on Facebook saying how excited she was to hear they are releasing a Veronica Mars Movie.... Can it be?!?! After a short amount of research I found, yes it can be and many of the old cast is set to return!

The creator Rob Thomas took to the fans for funding to create the movie and raised $5.7 Million in just 30 days, demonstrating the level of dedication from the viewers. The movie is said to be released in early 2014.

Today I came across this YouTube clip which wraps up all of my feelings.

Early 2014 can not come soon enough! Might have to look into getting some gold class movie tickets for this one ;-)

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