Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Must Haves for New Babies V2

So... since my first post The Must Haves for New Babies I have thought of a few more items that I would really love to share. I will get straight into it.

First off is the humble singlet suit. Some times they can be surprisingly hard to find in stores but they are well worth the search. They are perfect for almost all ages pre-toilet training. I put them on under Hannah's clothes and found it particularly useful as Hannah's Daddy was not great at holding her as well as keeping her top down. So during winter it was great knowing she wouldn't have a cold tummy.

Next, I was given a "Fuzzy Factory Mocha Puppy Mat" as a baby shower gift and I have also given one to a friend as a gift. It was brilliant! I loved it and Hannah loved it. It's degree of softness was ridiculous. I only wish they made them big enough for adults! They are also completely machine washable which makes life so much easier on everyone!
Next up is the old Jolly Jumper! What an amazing invention. I also wish they made these for adults. Hannah was only a few months old when I introduced her to it and she loved it. I used to clip it onto the door frame of our bathroom and had Hannah jump in it while I had a shower and it was the best. A few minutes peace to myself, she was happy and she was also in my vision the entire time. I haven't tried the other brands but I am sure they would be equally as great and I would also love to try the musical mat that sits under it one day as well.

We had an Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aqua Swing for when Hannah was really little and found it to be wonderful. The seat can rotate to go side to side or back to front. It has a light show, music and sound effects and the mobile rotates. It kept Hannah quiet during those new born weeks long enough for her Daddy and I to eat our dinner. And when I just couldn't get her to sleep, this did the trick!
Finally, A friend of mine gave us a Fisher Price Rain-forest Bassinet. At the time we were renting a house where our bedroom was upstairs and the rest of the house including Hannah's room was down stairs. So having her sleep in our room was definitely a safety consideration as she would wake up several times a night. I loved this bassinet! At a touch of a button you could turn on the mobile or have a dim light shine across the baby so you can check on them in the dark. It was at the perfect height and had some storage underneath. It always felt safe and sturdy. I spent a long time after Hannah was upgraded to a cot, trying to find another mobile that was as great and user friendly as the one attached to this bassinet.

Any way there you have it. My now complete list of items that I loved so far through my parenting journey. Having my time over I would definitely get them again and no doubt if we are blessed with any more children they will get much more use. I asked this in the last post, but were there any products or purchases that you recommend to other new parents? Anything you loved and wouldn't do without? Did you think of any others since reading the first post?

I hope you enjoyed reading :-)



  1. Do you have a Bumbo Tigger? Somebody recommended them to me before I ever even thought about having kids and it was one of the best investments I made. They are so handy! I tell everyone about them and have bought them as baby shower gifts also :)

  2. Hey Cara!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! Yes I do have one and found it great too, it's perfect for when bub is too little to sit up on their own. I didn't mention it on here because I spoke about the booster seats that strap to a chair. But I suppose they really have totally different purposes. Bumbos are great! :-)

  3. My son was born in summer and lived in the singlet suits. He also loved his jolly jumper. We also had a bimbo which was great. I think the best ever product we bought was the highchair that strapped to our dining chair so our son can eat or play at the table.