Friday, February 28, 2014

How you can be a better blog reader or follower

As a "Blogger" I generally write posts for the purpose of sharing my thought's, opinions and recommendations that I feel are important or that others might find useful. I write because I want to write and not for the purpose of expanding my blog or to make money as some Bloggers may do. However, just like a graffiti artist who doesn't create a masterpiece on a brick wall somewhere and hope no one will see it... I hope some people out there are reading what I have to say. 

As a Blogger I thrive on interaction! I don't want to tell you how to do your job... read, but for those in the same boat as me which is new to the blogisphere I want to point out some things available on the blog that you may not have noticed before that can help you to interact with me better and in turn help you to become a better blog reader or follower. The very best way for you to interact is to share, follow or comment. Lets start from the top.

On the right hand side of the page just under the photo you will see this picture or button. Most of you will have a Facebook account. By clicking this button you are taking the opportunity to share this post with your friends either by posting the link on your timeline, on a friends timeline, in a group or in a private message to a friend. This potentially allows my post to be read by how ever many people you have in your friends list. Could be hundreds! This also allows you to share your opinion or thoughts with your friends on what I am saying.

Just below that is an image or button that allows you to do the same with your Twitter account. I know not everyone has a twitter account but if you do this is another opportunity to share this post with a lot of people. On twitter your tweets are visible not only to your followers but to anyone who might search for key words or #hashtags your tweet contains.
Next up... a little further down the page is another option for the Twitter users out there, this time instead of sharing my post with your followers this image or button allows you to "Follow" me on Twitter because I too have a Twitter account. It might not be as powerful as sharing my posts but it does allow you to be kept up to date with my latest posts and any personal tweets or "Mini posts" that I make in between the big posts I make on my blog.

Sticking with the following theme next is Follow me on Bloglovin'. If you are a serial blog reader, meaning you read more than one blog or other blogs then this one regularly then bloglovin' is for you. You simply create an account and follow your favorite blogs all in one place. It lists all the new posts that have been made since your last session from all the blogs you follow and gives you the option to like it, share it with other bloglovin' users or even search for new blogs to follow if you enjoy this type of reading genera. 

If you are a busy person, lets face it we all are then you might like the convenience of having all my latest posts being sent straight to your email inbox. You will never miss a post and you can limit how regularly you receive the emails so I don't clog up your inbox. Although lets face it, I don't post that frequently! It really couldn't be easier, simply type your email address into the box and press submit. You don't even have to leave the page!

At the very bottom of each post I would like to draw your attention to something. It's a series of buttons that you may not have noticed before. 
This is a reaction bar, hence the word "reaction" on the left hand side. This is specially designed by me to give you the opportunity to quickly and easily let me know if what you think about what I have written. Did you like it? Would you like to see more or less of that type of post. For example the Fridge Door series. Do you like seeing recipes? I am still going to write about what I want to write about but it lets me know if I am on the right track, or maybe I need to tone it down a little.

Just down from this is another little bar or series of buttons. These buttons are also for sharing. The first gives you the option to email it to a friend, the second is for the blogger readers out there allowing you to post it to your blog. The third and fourth is to share on Twitter or Facebook... we've been through this. Next is if you have a Pinterest account which I must say if you don't, you should!!! I am a big Pinterest fan. This button allows you to pin to one of your boards. This is great for the very few craft projects I have posted about, recipes or even if there is an image you have particularly liked. And on the far right hand side is one of the most important buttons or the most valuable way you can interact as a reader/follower. More information follows.

G+1- Google describes this feature "The 1+ button is shorthand for 'this is pretty cool' or 'you should check this out.' Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1's can help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search." This in turn drives more traffic or readers to my page or it could be said that you might be helping others who might be looking for the information my posts may contain (There... an easy way to do a good deed for the day ;-) This little button shows the world that you recommend the content in that post.

Finally, my most favorite way for you to interact with me. Post a comment. I love, love, love receiving comments! It takes just a few seconds of your time to write a comment on a post but it gives you the opportunity to respond. Offer advice, ask questions, add to what I have said so other readers can benefit, state your opinion, disagree. I often ask questions in or at the end of a post giving you the opportunity to get involved. I have left the option open for you to post anonymously so you shouldn't need to create an account or sign in. But if you are posting anonymously I would love if you left your name, however that is optional.

Anyway how ever you might like to do it, next time you are reading a post, take a second to have a look around the page and make the most of your ability to be a proactive blog reader or follower and interact with me. It really makes my experience as a blogger that much more fulfilling knowing there is someone on the other side of the screen reading what I have to say. I love it!

For those, like me who are new to blogging some terms you might not be familiar with:
Blog= This page you are reading eg The Mumma Next Door.
Post= Each individual topic or story. Each start with a title.
Blogger= Me. The author of the blog and posts.
Blogisphere= The world of blogging. It is huge. There are so many wonderful blogs out there that are worth reading about any and all topics. The deeper you get the more fulfilling but time consuming it can become.
Share= Generally copying the link to to this page and pasting it on another page, usually social media such as Facebook so that your friends can click on the link and view the same page.
Follow= Keeping up to date with me or my blog. Usually through a form of social media. Following means that you get notified in some way when I post something new. You are the first to know and wont miss a thing.
Traffic= Readers.

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