Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day SAH Mum style

Being a stay at home mum in a single income family makes buying gifts particularly tricky, specially when you can sometimes feel like you are spending "His" money to buy "Him" a present. Ben doesn't really buy into Valentine's day just like most "blokes" blokes don't... but I do!

Last year we were on a particularly tight budget, Ben hates chocolates or anything overly sweet for that matter and I wanted to be creative so I took to Pinterest. What did women anywhere do before pinterest? (P.S: If you haven't already checked it out, you should... It's amazing! If you would like to follow me my user name is: tegs6) I happened to stumble across a few ideas I thought were genius and I stopped at the grocery shops and stayed up late the night before the special day after Hannah had finally gone to sleep. Getting to bed pretty close to midnight and utterly exhausted I was pretty happy with my efforts.

The next morning I left a personal hand made card from Hannah and instructions for Ben (who had to work that day) on the counter explaining which of the three parcels were designed for each meal during his day. Each was wrapped in alfoil so he could not see the surprise and he was instructed not to peek before he was ready to eat.

I don't usually make Ben his breakfast each morning as he used to leave for work at 4am but today was special, I had pre-cooked a bacon and egg toasted sandwich with a heart cut out of each slice of bread and the egg cooked into it. As it turns out Hannah thought it would be a wonderful idea to wake up at 3.30am that morning so we were able to see him enjoy it and he got to start his day with kisses from his special girl.

Next up was smoko time. I eagerly awaited a text message or something to signal that he had opened his next present. Much to my delight he was working in the workshop that day and all of his work mates were around to witness the occasion. Ben usually has his bigger meal for smoko and his smaller meal for lunch. So today I made him heart shaped pizzas with hand cut hearts made out of the pepperoni and sausage meat.

Finally, my favorite of the three parcels was for his lunch. I made for him a dozen bacon roses wrapped up and presented just like a normal flower bouquet. Apparently all of his work mates thought it was a great idea and they all had a good laugh about it. I think after the first 8-9 the animal fat and strong bacon flavor was enough so Ben shared the rest with some eager on-lookers. Hey... they only way to a mans heart is through his stomach and bacon roses is really the only way you can give a man flowers as a gift. When he finally returned home to me that evening he said he really liked the gifts and as a word of warning for any mummies or readers who are thinking of trying this at home he said he "wont be eating bacon for at least a week!" Ha Ha.

After all my hard work and effort he "forgot" about Valentine's day that year and hadn't even organised me a card. needless to say I wasn't overly impressed and I endeavour to ensure he doesn't forget again this year. Not that I expect to be spoilt with fancy expensive gifts but a little something with some thought and love is all I ask.

This year I am still fine tuning my ideas with just 1 week to go. I have stumbled across a pin on Pinterest which has printable Valentine's day jokes to pop into his lunch box to serve as a daily reminder not to forget again this year.

Our budget is slightly more flexible this year so I am free to purchase a thing or two to spoil my hard working man. But I would like to include a gift from Hannah now that she is getting old enough to be more hands on and I would still like to come up with a tasty treat or two for his lunch box just to embarrass him in front of his work mates again this year. I wonder if he will allow it to be a surprise or if last years treats have left a scar ;-)

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