Monday, April 14, 2014

Toddler Easter gift basket

With just 6 sleeps till Easter Sunday I am wondering... have you organised your Easter gift for your children yet? I have finally finished mine and thought I would share some of my ideas with you. Without getting into the politics of it, Ben and I are not from religious families, therefor our little family is not religious. We celebrate Easter but not really to the full extent of it's meaning. As a child Easter was one of my favorite holidays of the year because I always got spoiled with enough chocolate to last me weeks after the event. 

This year I look at Easter slightly differently being a mother to a toddler who can now indulge in chocolate (compared to previous years). I don't want to hand my child the necessary components to create:
1- a potentially explosive sugar high,
2- enough war paint to cover her from head to toe, and the walls, and the  floor and anything else that might get in the way of her sticky little fingers,
or 3- a combat ration pack designed to decay each and every one of the tiny baby teeth in her little mouth.

I decided to create a little gift basket containing... yes a few small chocolates but also some other items I know she will love and will entertain her and last much longer then a few chocolates will.

I started with the basics, a large basket and some shredded coloured paper from the cheap shop where I also picked up some Easter themed sticker books. Then I headed to Big W where I found a variety of little items I had been slowly collecting over the last few weeks like a "Peppa's Easter Egg Hunt" board book, a water colour paint set, a Dora the Explorer electric toothbrush and glitter cup. When it was time to choose the chocolate eggs I chose the gift set types that included other things like a ceramic mug and a dyno torch. Finally the few eggs that I got for her to eat I chose because they were small, so she can eat the entire thing in one sitting and 'Kinder' in brand, specially designed for younger children and made with a high amount milk.

P.S: In case you didn't notice my daughter is a huge Peppa Pig and Dora the Explorer fan, hence the theme of most of the items in the basket :-)

I hope these ideas help you to finish of your last minute Easter shopping. Also if you have a moment, please take the time to notice this weeks poll on the upper left hand side of the blog, asking what type of gift you usually give to your children for Easter? Do you have any other fantastic ideas that I haven't thought of?

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