Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hi, my name is Teagan. I am a mother of two beautiful little girls. A two and a half year old (Hannah) and a brand new bubby (Amelia). I am a former child care educator of six years and am currently studying my Bachelor of Education- Early Childhood so that when I return to work I can be a primary school teacher.

Parenting and studying aside; I am really interested in food, photography and continually changing my lifestyle for the better, so you will find these topics will be what a lot of my posts on this blog will be about.

As a parent I want to raise my children to have the best possible opportunities in life and to have positive role models to guide them. This is why I am "Leaning" into a healthier family lifestyle. By leaning I mean gradually making small changes to improve our lifestyle. Through this gradual change I hope that I will be more likely to stick with it then what I would have had I gone cold turkey and made drastic changes.

Some small goals I am hoping to achieve which you should read about over the next few months include introducing a Meat Free Monday, Technology Free Tuesday, reducing our sugar intake and minimizing the use of chemicals in our household. 

Follow along in our journey or even join in with us.


  1. Can't wait until you blog about Technology Free Tuesday! I would love to implement a similar scheme in our home. xo Krissy

    1. Hey Krissy! Thanks for commenting! You have just inspired me to make a start on that one. I will try and get to it this week ;-)

  2. Oh hey, I didn't even know you blogged! This is amazing; lots of helpful stuff straight from reality, not somebody's "theory" on how it should be. Love it!! You are awesome :)

    1. Hi Adam, Thanks for taking the time to comment. :-) And thank you, you are so sweet!!!