Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Android Apps for Toddlers

I got thinking about my first ever blog post Android Apps for Little Ones recently. Most of the apps we were using then when Hannah was around one-ish are rendered irrelevant these days now her abilities and interests have increased. So I thought you might like a little update on apps we are using now that suit a 2 and a half year old. 

The big star all time favourite app at the moment is Zoodles- kids mode
It came free on my new phone. It is also secretly my favourite app as well as it locks your child in the game and they can no longer access any of the phones other buttons or capabilities outside of the game (even the home key doesn't work... well on the HTC anyway). It has loads of features including artwork, stories (which you can record and film yourself or other family reading) and if you are connected to wifi or your mobile data it accesses the best of educational Youtube clips without you having to do a thing. Then if you have set up your account it sends you a weekly wrap up of what your child has learned, engaged in and how many minutes they spent doing so. It also sums up what areas of development your child has been practicing. I think it is so wonderful that I have installed it on all our devices.

We are also using the Macleans Nurdle Time for brushing teeth. Brushing Hannah's teeth has been a nightmare! So I downloaded this app and it worked a treat... for a while. When she started loosing interest we started using the family time option which allowed us all to have a "Nurdle" and they all danced along together which gave Hannah enough of a kick to play along again! What it is: You create a profile for your child in which you select when you would like to brush and it dances around to a catchy tune for 2 minutes while you brush. If you complete your 2 minutes you get 20 points which you can then use at the shop to pick an outfit for your "Nurdle".

Slightly less then before, but still occasionally Hannah likes to play Toddler Counting 123 Free. Great for learning to count. It progressively increases in numbers from 1 up to 20 (or less, it gives you the option to stop it at any number) the child touches one of the items and it counts it out loud, they touch the second one and it continues to count until all the items have been selected.

This next one is just for tablets. Trace and share is great for fine motor development and also social skills. It allows the child to practice tracing straight, diagonal and curved lines. It also has a sharing option which allows the child to place for an interval before prompting the child to pass it on to the next child.

Finally the Kids ABC Phonics lite has has several different games which develop the child's understanding of many language and word/letter concepts. One of Hannah's favourites is the "make words" puzzle which says the letter sound as you select it and then identifies the word when it is complete.

These are just some of our favourites we are using at the moment. I would love to hear what are some apps that you are using that you can recommend?

Sharings caring!!!

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