Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thinking outside the block

This morning I posted on The Mumma Next Door Facebook page

"I know I'm a bit of an evil mum, but when I'm playing blocks with Hannah & she has sorted them all into their colours... I secretly love taking one from each group and putting it in the wrong pile just to watch her figure it out & fix it up. I just got told "don't do it again!" Ha ha"

Shortly afterwards Hannah wanted to try and build the construction that was pictured on the box. This is not the first time this has taken her interest, and as much as we have tried a few times to do it before, it is a little difficult for a toddlers developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. 

I had a quick perusal on the internet to see if anyone has posted some construction templates or patterns that we might be able to copy, and with no luck what so ever I thought to myself... maybe I am over thinking this and we could create a template together by placing some of the blocks on the photocopier and printing out our own patterns.

Hannah loved the whole experience, from watching the picture come out of the printer- through to exploring them with the blocks... it was definitely a success! The only glitch was that instead of trying to construct the patterns we had made, Hannah opted for putting the blocks on the matching picture on the page. I figured if that is what makes her happy then I can run with that too. 

What great ideas have you come up with while playing with your little one lately?

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