Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Technology Free Tuesday

Today, I checked social media...

When I woke up
When I was feeding Amelia
When I sat down to have a coffee
When I was feeding Amelia
When both kids were asleep
While I was waiting for a webpage to load
When I was feeding Amelia
Several times after I updated my "status"
and after I have finished writing this post, while I'm laying in bed about to fall asleep I will check it for the final time today.

I know I am not the only person to check in on what is happening in the world this often, even though that list is quite long. I know some others check it even more frequently then that!

What I hate most is I find I put off playing with my toddler to finish checking the news feed or constantly while I am feeding my baby. I lay in bed at the end of the day hating myself for staring at my phone instead of soaking up her perfect skin and her long, long eyelashes or admiring her amazing "newborn blue" eyes and playing with her tiny fingers! She is only this tiny for such a short time, as I know all too well by how un-uncomprehendingly fast the last 5 and a half months have gone.

I am wasting it!

I am going to wake up one day when she is a toddler and hate myself even more because I can't go back to when she is a tiny baby and re-live this, absorb her, ingrain it into my memory. I will have sacrificed these precious moments, for what? Being up to the hour with my how every many "friends" I have on Facebook and what they had for breakfast/lunch/dinner, or that they are going to they gym/Dr appointment/work, or how much they wish it was Friday. Scared that I am going to miss something, now that I am a stay at home Mum. That I am missing out.

I am missing out on my baby and my toddler!

My whole world!

The up most important things, that I would sacrifice anything for.

In my recent About post I wrote that I am leaning into a healthier lifestyle where I plan to gradually make small changes to improve our lifestyle and how I had some small goals to implement over the coming months.

This week I am introducing Technology Free Tuesday!!! Where everyone in our house must participate.

Soooooo... considering how my study and business directly rely on the computer and the internet (as does most of everyday life these days) we need some ground rules.

  1. NO tablets, apps, social media allowed! (including: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Blogging)
  2. Phone calls, text messages and phone camera accepted.
  3. You may look up a phone number/address/details if necessary.
  4. Studying and business allowed.
  5. If it can not possibly wait until tomorrow you may briefly research something but it is frowned upon! and strictly for a maximum of 5 minutes.

*These rules will evolve and change as we go along until we work out any kinks and "loopholes" but these will make the foundation and a starting point.

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Please, please, please if you see me on social media on a Tuesday- tell me off! I may have withdrawals ha ha

Stay tuned on a Wednesday for an update on how we go.


  1. What a wise idea. As your child gets older the really difficult thing will be imposing technology free time on her. By starting with yourself you'll have some experience of tech withdrawal by the time you need to tackle the problem with her. I wish I had done that when my children were younger.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! You are absolutely right! What a great point you make!

  2. In April my smartphone died but it was the best thing ever. I missed nothing and got into Facebook at night, didn't worry about what other people were doing or fill my life with scrolling! Now I am addicted might have to throw it in the bin!

  3. It is a blessing in disguise!!! I think smart phones are not really just phones anymore they are digital life assistants these days. You can do almost everything on them! Its so hard to separate yourself from it when you use it for everything, from banking, camera, calendar, emails... not much it doesn't do really! Thanks for commenting Ashleigh