Monday, February 16, 2015

New Found Movement

My teeny tiny baby who is not so teeny or tiny anymore has discovered the art of movement! She has been crawling for a couple of weeks now and during that time has made it look like she has been doing it for years! Now she is pulling herself up on the furniture and walking around it!

I was pondering this over my coffee the other day, about how much of a big deal these simple milestones are to a parent and how people who may not have children would feel about the topic.

To a non-parent the ability to crawl, stand or walk is a fairly average thing to be able to do. As a parent though, every time your baby does something new for the very first time no matter how little the accomplishment might be; brings a whole wave of emotions... Pride, thrill, happiness and joy, sadness that they are growing up too fast and are one step further away from still being your little baby. 

The level of happiness that this tiny act can make you feel is hard to comprehend, even to a parent. Something that is so irrelevant to the rest of the world but makes you want to document every moment of it and rewatch it a thousand times.

When I stop and think about it a little deeper, about what else results from reaching this new milestone, sheds some light on why these intense feelings mean so much to me as a Mum. It's not just that she has learnt to crawl but what else comes from the ability to crawl.

This new found movement enables her to communicate what she is feeling too. Nothing can really describe how it feels to a parent when for the first time your baby is able to wiggle and roll and coordinate all their muscles in their tiny body to get from one spot not only over to you, but to pull themselves up and wrap their little arms around you and snuggle in! That all the effort it would take for her to achieve that, was worth it to her just so she could cuddle me!

Today, I am really appreciating being a Stay at Home Mum where I am able to be present for these special moments and have the opportunity to ponder it over coffee.

What special "first" has your children achieved lately?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

When you over do it.

Semester 3 for uni has just finished, for me anyway as I have no exams for my subjects. It finished on Monday night, which gives me approximately 4 weeks off. I have really been slugging it out this semester as I get used to studying with two young children and almost everything that I actually wanted to do, such as plan our wedding, had to be put on hold which has left me with a bit of a backlog of things I want to get done in my very short 4 weeks off resulting in a to-do list the length of my arm.

As I want to make the most of my time off I got started right away. On top of my list is to SLEEP! I have been sooooo so sleep deprived as anyone studying at uni with two small children would understand and I really want to catch up on some sleep! But I put this off in the first 2 days to make a start on the zillion other things on the list. 

Here on day 3, I am declaring... I got the message, LOUD AND CLEAR! My children among life in general have been sending me a not so subtle sign, that I am overdoing it!

The first night I stayed up till around 10pm doing jobs at which point my toddler did what she usually does in the onset of a cold or flu, wake up in the middle of the night, (or in this case 10pm) and becomes extremely unsettled and takes hours to fall back to sleep, which resulted in me not crawling into bed until after midnight. Then last night, while trying to make up for the night before, I sat up until midnight, in which point the baby woke up and declared it was awake time and stayed awake until around 2.30AM!!! Then to follow- toddler wakes up at 6.30 am to start her day. 

Then to top it all off the pair of them have coordinated to ensure their day time sleeps do not in any way, shape or form synchronize so there is absolutely zero time where they are both asleep at the same time allowing a chance to get stuff done... or sleep myself to catch up from the lack of during the night time.

I get it! This is the worlds way of telling me to rest up and spend time with my babies (not that this isn't something I already, really want to do) and stop trying to get so much done. But when? When do I start crossing off my giant to-do list? This wedding date doesn't get any further away and I can not keep putting off some of the many other jobs that have been waiting to get done either.

Ohh the joys of being a studying Mum!

Any tips ladies?