Thursday, March 26, 2015

10 Facebook pages to follow when planning a wedding

If you are planning a wedding in Australia and don't quite know where to start? There are a select few Facebook pages and groups you need to follow and join that you will want to know about!

Facebook can be a tricky site to navigate when searching for a page or group. There is no directory or search category, so unless you know what you are looking for it is easy to miss the gems. I will save you the trouble of tracking them down and put all the best here in one easy list.

1. You NEED to join DIY Brides Australia. It is a super busy little group with brides constantly asking for advice and sharing their neat little finds including where they got them from and how much they paid. This is how I found my wedding heels! Another B2B was showing off her latest purchase and handed the link to buy and price to me on a silver platter, Piece of cake. Have a question? I can guarantee that a member on this page will have an answer or a suggestion you can try.

2. Pre Loved Wedding Treasures, the Australian wedding buy swap and sell page. Lets face it most of the stuff you are buying for your wedding will only be used once and for such a short amount of time... and costs a fortune. So after the day has past, many now brides opt for selling their hardly used pretty much brand new items. This is your chance to find what you have been looking for at a fraction of the price. Most brides are happy to share pictures of the item at their wedding so you can see an example of it in action to inspire you for your wedding too. Also try Second Hand Wedding Supplies and Wedding Dress Garage Sale.

3. Most of you may already be apart of a group like this but if not search for your local Buy Swap and Sell group. Usually titled something along the lines of Brisbane Buy Swap and Sell. Keep an eye on these pages. Things might come up that aren't necessarily "wedding related" but could be a key piece you might have been looking for. For example; have you seen these window seating charts? I am in love with them. Old building supplies come up all the time on these sites and usually for pretty cheap!

Bridal magazine pages like:
4. Queensland Bride Magazine
5. Modern Wedding 
are always posting beautiful real wedding or styled shoots and are AMAZING for some inspiration or finding pics that can put your ideas into something physical to show your vendors. Definately worth keeping an eye on!

6. Pink Frosting is a good source for favors or bonbonnieres or ideas at the very least. And Bridal Bling can help you with the other all important tiny little details.

8. Follow your vendors Facebook page when you have selected them and even before you have committed, to scope them out. Most photographers, wedding dress shops, cake makers, reception venues, celebrants, makeup artists, hairdressers etc have a business facebook page. Follow or stalk them to get a feel for what they're like, how they conduct their business, what their customer service is like and also look for customer feedback!

9. Find a wedding blog to follow. They usually cover a wide range of wedding related topics, not just one specific area. I like Style Me Pretty. Aussie Blogs to Love might be a great way to find one or if you are a wedding blogger yourself, Aussie Blogs to Love is a great place to connect and share your blog with other Australian bloggers.

10. Finally there are whole websites specifically designed to wedding planning like Wedding QLD or Wedding Wire (Not Australian- unfortunately) but still great for ideas and inspiration

*Want 10 more? Pop over to and see their post top ten wedding facebook sites that'll save you time.


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