Monday, March 16, 2015

I don't use window cleaner anymore

I don't use window cleaner any more... and this is the reason why!

Children have a rare talent for touching a huge amount of things in a very short amount of time. You can bet your bottom dollar that this will be particularly the case when they have the grubbiest of hands and they will touch absolutely everything and anything despite your very best efforts to stop them. 

So lets paint the scenario; the above has just happened and you wisp your child off to the bathroom to wash their hands or worse bathed them and then plant them somewhere away from the chaos that was created on the way to said bathroom to occupy them for 10-15 minutes while you dart around trying to find all the places that now has vegemite and butter smeared all over it, with Spray and wipe and windex in hand, because we all know how hard it is to get butter off anything. Your child loses interest in your distraction and begins to follow you around as you finish off the tail end of your cleaning... touching everything that is still wet (as you JUST cleaned it)... then proceeding to put those same hands (still wet) in their mouth!

As a parent myself, exposing my children to chemicals was a big concern and something I wanted to cut out of my home without sacrificing hygiene. 

Personally, in our pre-children years (clearly not thinking ahead) we brought a glass top dining and coffee table. We were going through a bottle of windex and countless rolls of paper towel fortnightly. So when I was introduced to Norwex their Window Cloth was on the very top of my wish list. Was it really possible to clean butter off glass with just water? The concept seemed ridiculous to me, and much to my surprise when the consultant demonstrated just that, right in front of me I WAS AMAZED! 

This purple cloth and some water was able to clean away the butter and remove any streaks with no chemicals or paper towel. 

When I went on to try it at home, it even cleaned away build up from years of window cleaner on my glass top tables, that kind of foggy, speckly marks around the edges of the glass. And the results on our bathroom mirror where the light is good and every tiny little mark, smear or spatter of toothpaste stands out clearer than...?! (insert clever idiom here)!

The sense of "peace of mind" that this was a healthier, chemical free alternative that really worked was enough to convert us forever and was one of the reasons why I became a Norwex Consultant.

If you are interested in a demonstration or would like to try one in your home feel free to contact me.
You can buy your own Window cloth for $28.50 from here.
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