Tuesday, April 7, 2015

30 Day Photography Challenge- Week 1

Have you seen this pin on Pinterest?

I have had it pinned to one of my boards and have been wanting to do it for so long! This month I am going to tackle it! I am super excited. When you are a Mum your photography scope is usually narrowed down to one subject... that is if you even remember to pull the camera out at all!

So it will be great to have a project and some other subjects to point my lense at. Some of these might be a bit of a challenge. For example Day 20: Bokeh! I have never done this (intentionally) before even though I have always wanted to experiment with it. This will be a great excuse to pull out my "Good" camera and have a play.

Anyone want to play along at home? I would love love love to see what you come up with. Please feel free to share our pics here or on my Facebook Page.

There is just one rule! 

The photo must be taken on the day... So no searching through your gallery for an old favourite!

Day One is a Self Portrait! I am not looking my best today so proceed with caution he he!

This is me having my morning coffee while the girls have a play outside. It has been so hot here in Emerald and the last two days have been quite pleasant so we are making the most of the heat being tolerable and having the ability to be more than 3 meters from a fan or an air conditioner.

The water trough is set up and I am enjoying the 5-10 minutes of peace before my gorgeous girls lose interest

Please excuse the giant bags under my eyes!!!

Day Two- What You Wore Today. 
Today I am wearing the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned. I have always been a fan of Jeanswest jeans, then I found these and now I am an even bigger fan! I love them. The weather has been too hot here in Emerald to even look at my jeans for the last 6 months or so, but today I braved it and put them on, even if it was only for the morning before I had to resort to some shorts. 

I am wearing my new rose gold Havies. My last pair lasted forever... that is until we went away and a friends naughty little puppy chewed them, it just so happened to be on a Sunday and in a town that doesn't have Sunday trading. I had to temporarily resort to a $2 pair from a cheap shop which I only wore for a week, and looked as though they had been worn for a year! Just goes to show you get what you pay for!

Day Three- Clouds. Please Mother-Nature be nice and show me what you are made of!

Day three happened to land on Good Friday. I took my camera out to a clearing so I could get a good look at some of the clouds. I was focusing on some darker rain looking clouds that the sun was hitting just right so to make a "silver lining". When I turned to walk back inside I seen this! A cloud that if you squint your eyes and tilt your head... looks a little like the Easter Bunny!

Day Four- Something Green. This picture is of some of the hundreds of palm leaves we have out the front of our house. I am sure they will be the death of me. I am forever picking them up and trying to figure out what to do with them all.

Anyway, I loved this picture because of the sunlight and the way it filters through the layers creating many different shades of green and the sharp crisp lines of the long thin leaves.

Day Five- From a High Angle.
Our usual tradition for the Easter long weekend involves going camping. This year we just couldn't swing it and Hannah had spent all afternoon asking us if we could do the next best thing and go camping in the backyard.

This photo captures the moment where we finally caved and started setting up a mini camp-out complete with a little fire and all.

Day Six- From a Low Angle.

I don't know why but I really struggled for inspiration on this one.

We were having a play in our Table Tent Cubby House when Hannah went outside, climbed up to the roof so she could wave to me through the tule skylight. I took the opportunity to capture her from this angle, smooshed cheek and nose and all.

It is far from "art" in the photography world but tomorrow is another day!

Day Seven- Fruit.
We love fruit in our house. I have been a little slack in the kitchen lately. Mostly because it has been far too hot to be in the living end of our house (thanks to the exposed beams ceiling) of late. But this topic inspired me to sweat it out and enjoy the fruits of my labour. A lovely fruit salad. The melons this time of year are so deliciously sweet and juicy! Well worth the effort.

So there it is- week one, done and dusted already! I would love to see what you have come up with. Let me know if you are playing along at home and share your pics here or on The Mumma Next Door Facebook page.

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