Wednesday, April 29, 2015

30 Day Photography Challenge- Week 2

As we near the end of the 30 Day Photography Challenge, I thought I should get a wriggle on and post how I went on week 2. Did you miss week one? Click here to catch up.

Day 8- A Bad Habit.
This was an easy one! Facebook is by far the worst habit at the moment. It doesn't exactly make a pretty photo but a laptop is hard to get artistic with!

Day 9- Someone You Love.
I thought about sharing a photo of Ben or the girls, but I decided to go with someone you might not already know. This is my great big puppy Roxy. She is a Bull Arab X and she is going on 7 years old this year. She is starting to show her age as she is going a little grey around her face. She was my baby before I had babies :-)

Day 10- Childhood Memory. There is quite a tale that accompanies this one. (It is a brass? fiber optic lamp my Dad brought home for my Nan from Malaysia while he was there in the army. It almost didn't make it here today, firstly my Nan considered offloading it when she moved house many years ago which is how it came into my possession and then after being rescued from the wheelie bin on the footpath (my Dad is the exact opposite to a hoarder). The garbage truck was due to come the following day!!! I used to spend hours watching it when I visited my Nan and Pop as a child. Today, only a few of the fibres still work and the colour wheel doesn't spin any more... but it does still work!

I just invested in a dollar shop fiber optic lamp for Hannah to have in her room. She loves it so much and I must admit, I could still sit and watch it for far too long!

Day 11- Something Blue= palm tree shadows cast through our blue shade sail. This was a hard one to find inspiration from. I wanted to think outside the box. 

In real life the blue was much more vibrant and had this shimmer or sparkle to it which was beautiful but unfortunately this wasn't captured in the photograph.

Day 12- Sunset. What a pretty shade of orange! This photo was taken quite a bit later then day 12 as I wanted to capture a lovely sunset and Mother Nature wasn't really turning it on for us lately and I am glad I waited! This picture was taken along the highway on Rockhampton side of Blackwater.

Day 13- Yourself with 13 things. I struggled to find 13 of anything in our house! Try it, it's hard! (show me yours) Then I remembered the ring pulls. We collect them and pass them on to a lady who uses them to raise money to buy wheelchairs for people in need. If you would like to help, contact me and I will pass on the information you need.

Day 14- Eyes = Amelia's beautiful still blue, cream cheese smeared eyes. Babies have a way of rubbing all food all through their eyes!

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