Wednesday, May 27, 2015

30 Day Photography Challenge- Week 4

I am finally getting around to writing the final post for the 30 Photography Challenge and I have to apologize for the long delay. Im sure we all know what life is like sometimes! If you would like to catch up you can find Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 by clicking on the links. This is bonus week because to finish off the challenge there are actually nine subjects remaining.

Day 22- Hands
Tiny sandy hands at the beach. We were lucky that the challenge happened to fall on a holiday and a trip to the beach. AMAZING photo opportunities.

Day 23- Sunflare
Ben taking the opportunity to wet a line while the kids have a dip at the beach.

Day 24- Animal
What photographer doesn't like to capture a snap of a pretty butterfly!

Day 25- Something Pink
Pretty pink picnics outside with two tiny princesses. Oh what it would be like to be so small and carefree again!

Day 26- Close-up
I love it when something catches your eye and the strongest impulse comes over you to pull out the camera and have a play.
This is a close-up of the sprinkler as it reflects the afternoon sun. It almost makes a yellow and orange rainbow!

Day 27- From a Distance
Clearly lacking inspiration today. Two birds sitting on the line.

Day 28- Flowers
Here is the next victim on death row in my garden. Poor thing... So pretty and such a shame it faces the same fate as the rest of any plant I have ever owned!

Day 29- Black and White
Once again, I really struggled with this subject. My interpretation is that it was of a black and white object and not a colour picture turned black and white. I had a hard time finding anything that matched the criteria. So this is one of my daughter's teddies. Not the most exciting models but I have to admit I am a sucker for texture.

Day 30- Self Portrait
This Self Portrait is a true reflection of me. I actually HATE having a picture taken by myself. Other than that, these two little princesses are an extension of me.

Well... That's it from me. Again if you have any pics you would like to share that meet these subjects I would LOVE to see. Please share them with me. It's been a fun challenge. I just wish that time would not get in the way and I could have finished this on time but, better late than never! If you are a photography fanatic, I would definitely recommend giving it a go! It is always good to get out of your comfort zone, learn a thing or two or have a go at something you haven't done in a really long time. It can be so rewarding to think outside the box and take a break from your usual subjects.

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