Friday, May 15, 2015

Fast Life in the Slow Lane

The very rare moment that I have both toddler and baby down for a nap, part of tea in the oven cooking ready for tonight and 5 minutes to sit down and have my second cup of coffee for the day and I'm not sure if it's the fact that I have been fighting off a cold for the last few weeks, surviving Amelia's week of being not well or trying to adjust to a hubby-to-be's new roster but i'm finding myself reflecting on how insanely busy life has been. I'd like to say how busy its been lately... but really its been this way for as long as I can remember. There is always something isn't there?!?!

When I began my first few weeks of maternity leave when Hannah was almost due I was looking forward to potentially having a few years in the slow lane. Sleep ins, days on the couch, playing with my kids. That is how people without children see the lives of people who stay at home with their kids. Even for me being in childcare having look after 8 babies at a time, up to twenty 3 to 4 year olds I naively thought that looking after 1 or 2 would be a piece of cake compared to what I was used to. And then I would go home to my peaceful child free home and have a shower by myself, cook tea while sipping an alcoholic beverage listening to my favourite music a little too loud, sit on the couch and watch my tv show uninterrupted and go to sleep when I was ready and have a full 8 hrs straight before starting it all again the next day.

But it's not like that really, not even close! I didn't know what busy was until I had kids. Everything just takes a hell of a lot longer! It can take an hour just to get through any given meal and takes half an hour (or more) just to get the family from almost ready position to shoes on, in the car and leave the house to go anywhere! And days pass in a blink of an eye, weeks in a heartbeat and years... well ask any Mother whose baby is just about to have their first birthday how fast that year passed! (Amelia turns 1 next week).

But that's not what this post is supposed to be about. I guess I just wanted to acknowledge that being a Stay At Home Mum, as enjoyable and rewarding as it is, is not as slow paced or as easy as it is portrayed. 

On that note I would like to apologize to my family and friends who I do not call or text or visit anywhere near enough. I'm sorry! Trust me when I say, I am looking forward to a time where I am not studying at Uni, planning a wedding or both and there is time to just live life!

watch this Youtube clip "People with no kids don't know " for a good laugh. Very funny and so so true!

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