Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mother's Mate

Today I'm going to share with you a product I call my "Mother's Mate". It is a product I use all the time around our house in my regular cleaning routine and it is my go-to lifesaver in times of accidents. It is one of my all time favourite Norwex products. It is the Mattress cleaner.
The Norwex Mattress Cleaner is designed to eliminate dust mites and all organic material that exists in mattresses, woolen underlays, mattress toppers, pillows, sofas, bedding and stuffed toys or anything that you can't chuck in the wash that may exacerbate allergy symptoms and asthma. 

It contains the dormant of live bacteria and when the bacteria become active, it produces enzymes (a type of protein) that "seek and destroy" and break down accumulated dust mites, dust mite faecal matter, pet dander, dead skin cells or any organic matter which causes unpleasant odours, allowing this matter to be consumed.  They will continue to consume this material until all organic matter is removed, converting it into carbon dioxide and water.  Once there is nothing left for them to feed on, the bacteria disintegrate.

The gross facts... 
Dust mites are microscopic. About 50 of them can fit on the head of a pin. Dust mites eat the fungus that grows from dead skin cells and animal dander. The average adult sheds about 15 lbs of skin cells per year; 80% of that is shed in bed.One dust mite produces, on average, approximately 50 fecal pellets daily.  Their fecal matter is the most common cause of dust -related allergies. Approximately 80% of asthmas sufferers are allergic to dust mites.  What you may not know is that it’s not the Dust Mites causing the allergies; it’s the feces they leave  behind. -Ohio University – Dust Mites Report.pdf 
Bedding aside; I also use it on my lounge, rugs, soft toys and carpet to control mites but I alternatively use it on car seats, fabric seated dining chairs and anywhere my children might spill milk or food. On the grout around the toilet and anywhere the kids may have had an accident (because we all know what toilet training can be like) and vomit to control odours. You know those times when even after it has been cleaned, there is still that smell that hangs around. The Mattress Cleaner will eat the bacteria that is left behind that is actually causing the smell. I use it on spills, runny nose smears or blood because the enzymes eat anything that is protein.
It has been reported by customers to ease or really help with:
Sinus problems, gets rid of the smell of pee (both human and pets), Asthma, Eczema and other skin conditions, Hay Fever, reduce hubby's snoring and much more!
The spray is safe for children and pets, because there is nothing in it different from what is around us on a daily basis. 
I really love this product. It eases my mind knowing that I am providing a safe clean environment for my children to play and grow.
How to use: Shake before use, then spray once or twice on a pillow, 5-6 sprays on a single bed, 7-8 on a double bed, 9-10 on a queen bed and 10-12 on a king size bed. Allow to air dry before making bed with clean sheets. Apply every 3-4 months, or every 2 months in an asthmatic’s home. The Mattress Cleaner has a two year shelf life and should be stored closed, in a cool place.
If you would be interested in trying the Norwex Mattress Cleaner at home you can purchase it for $39.90 from my Norwex business page-

Want to see more? I found this useful clip on YouTube. 


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