Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Grotime Gro Light

My three year old Hannah is uneasy in the dark and because of this over the years she now has accumulated a variety of too many nightlights to count, the batteries we go through in this house is unbelievable! I am always on the lookout for a better solution. Something that works better, that is safer and that is more efficient. 

When I seen the Gro Light Night Light I became a little excited to see how it would work for us. Having a small toddler in our house makes having a bedside lamp in Hannah's room not an option for us. And just for our convenience the Gro Light Night Light attaches to any regular light fitting including your room's overhead light.

What I love about this option is that attaching the night light adapter to your ceiling fitting doesn't sacrifice your regular main light. At the flick of your switch you can alternate between the night light function and full brightness of your bulb meaning that you can still go about your usual bedtime routine including bedtime stories and then when the time is right, swap to the night lights comforting soft glow function to ensure a peaceful bedtime and good night sleep.

The fitting is completely adjustable to ensure that you can customize the brightness of the nightlight to suit your environment and your child's needs. It is useful throughout all stages of your child's development starting from being ideal for breastfeeding. It provides me with enough light to give me the ability to be able to come in and check on my children while they are sleeping but with the confidence that the light will not be bright enough to wake them. Then as they grow right through to toilet training which become a breeze when your little one is ready to lose that night time nappy.

It is small and easy enough to allow us to take it away with us when we travel using any bayonet or screw fitting and the existing bulb allowing us to experience the luxuries of home wherever we go.

It gets the tick of approval from Hannah who often asks to have her night light switched on before I have the chance to leave the room which reassures me that we have found the right solution for us.

If you would like more information on this product or are interested in buying one for your home check out The Gro Company's website at http://au.gro-store.com/grolight-2-in-1-night-light-bayonet-fitting.html

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