Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Chemical Free Toolkit

For all of those who don't already know, I am a Norwex consultant and I absolutely adore their products and being able to provide a lovely clean chemical free home for my family.

Being a consultant means that I was able to get most of my personal giant wishlist for free or discounted which has allowed me to get a substantial amount of their products.

Being the festive season we were entertaining on Friday night which I made a garlic prawn topper for our BBQ steaks. The garlic prawn sauce is a little temperamental and easily boils over if you don't keep a close eye on it which happened to be the result on this occasion even after the many many times I have prepared it! So the next day I was trying to clean the glass stove top which our new house has.

As I began the task first trying my Norwex Kitchen Cloth and then when that didn't seem to lift the baked on marks, I reached for the more heavy duty Norwex Kitchen Scrub Cloth. It helped but still needed that little bit more. ( I know I did a really good job of it!!) So, I needed to really get some elbow grease into it and reached for the Norwex Cleaning Paste which finally did the trick. I won't bore you with all the details but it made me think about something that was said in one of my Uni subjects which I am completing to be a Teacher of all things. Where as teachers we need to provide students with a toolkit of strategies and resources they can access to help them solve problems and learn.

For some reason I related this to my Norwex collection and how it is so useful to have a "toolkit" of different strategies and resources (products) that I can access when I have a problem. If the first option I select doesn't seem to tackle the job I have a range of other options at my fingertips that I can try until I find one that solves the problem. Just like the garlic sauce on the glass stove top, this is relevant to all around our home. I find because of this I'm saving so much time not having to persevere with a solution that isn't really right for the job.

So I was wondering, do you have any problem areas around your home that you are looking for a better chemical free solution for? I would love a challenge and you never know... Norwex might change your life too!

Friday, December 11, 2015

New house equals new home

We recently moved house AGAIN! Still in the same town. We just needed something bigger. To be quite honest our previous house had an exposed beam ceiling... which don't get me wrong was beautiful and a talking point when guests came by for the first time but whoever originally designed and built the house needs to be kicked in the knackers! Do not, I repeat... DO NOT build a house with an exposed beam ceiling in Central Queensland or anywhere that does not snow at least once a year! We suffered through two and a half summers in that sauna and even though it had a pretty big air conditioner, it barely took the edge off the heat which wasn't worth the electricity used to run it. Anyway the will to avoid another season of torture outweighed the strong reluctance to move house for the fifth time in 4 years!

Which brings me to our new house. It has a few minor downfalls as every house that you didn't build yourself has but it is a very big improvement for us. On top of all the advantages and perks we knew we were in for, I didn't really realise how much the house really contributes to a "home". I always believed that it was the people you share it with and potentially a woman's touch that could really make any house a home.

There really is only so much any woman can do to make a house a home in high 40 degree heat. In the new house I can actually handle being in the living area and kitchen in the middle of the day! I can bake! I can clean! I can potter about doing what it is that anyone does through the day like getting jobs done. It is still such a novelty for me. Unpacking has been a breeze and getting into the Christmas spirit is just so much more enjoyable!

Everyone just seems happy here. The entire family is thrilled to have an acre to spread out on. To explore and play but also not to have your neighbor's window two meters away from yours. And it has a huge big double glass doors with two large windows either side on the eastern wall of the living area over looking the large open back yard. The light is just so beautiful, so natural and lifting.

Through all the chaos, clutter and sorting of moving, it already feels more "us", more like a "home".