Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Chemical Free Toolkit

For all of those who don't already know, I am a Norwex consultant and I absolutely adore their products and being able to provide a lovely clean chemical free home for my family.

Being a consultant means that I was able to get most of my personal giant wishlist for free or discounted which has allowed me to get a substantial amount of their products.

Being the festive season we were entertaining on Friday night which I made a garlic prawn topper for our BBQ steaks. The garlic prawn sauce is a little temperamental and easily boils over if you don't keep a close eye on it which happened to be the result on this occasion even after the many many times I have prepared it! So the next day I was trying to clean the glass stove top which our new house has.

As I began the task first trying my Norwex Kitchen Cloth and then when that didn't seem to lift the baked on marks, I reached for the more heavy duty Norwex Kitchen Scrub Cloth. It helped but still needed that little bit more. ( I know I did a really good job of it!!) So, I needed to really get some elbow grease into it and reached for the Norwex Cleaning Paste which finally did the trick. I won't bore you with all the details but it made me think about something that was said in one of my Uni subjects which I am completing to be a Teacher of all things. Where as teachers we need to provide students with a toolkit of strategies and resources they can access to help them solve problems and learn.

For some reason I related this to my Norwex collection and how it is so useful to have a "toolkit" of different strategies and resources (products) that I can access when I have a problem. If the first option I select doesn't seem to tackle the job I have a range of other options at my fingertips that I can try until I find one that solves the problem. Just like the garlic sauce on the glass stove top, this is relevant to all around our home. I find because of this I'm saving so much time not having to persevere with a solution that isn't really right for the job.

So I was wondering, do you have any problem areas around your home that you are looking for a better chemical free solution for? I would love a challenge and you never know... Norwex might change your life too!

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