Monday, March 21, 2016

Oven Baked Wrap Chips

I am ALWAYS on the lookout for some great non-food-wasting ideas. The recipes you can turn to when you need to use up a food right before it goes off and has to be thrown out.

My kids love wraps. I like to include them in Hannah's Kindy lunch at least once a week. Or we often have chicken strips with salad wraps for tea. So occasionally we don't use them all up and after a week or so of being opened I wonder how much longer they have before I should throw them out. 

A while ago, we went to a friends for an outdoor fire and camp oven dinner night and she had brought out these homemade wrap chips. They were delicious! As she was telling me about how she made them and I was reflecting on whether I should start making them at home... I was thinking, considering that a packet of say 6 wraps is usually around $4, it seems like an expensive way to have chips when you can buy them ready to eat for as low as $1.50 when on special. Despite the fact they were really yummy and probably a much healthier alternative. Yes I am a tight a$s! Ha ha ha.

So, after throwing a the remains of a packet or two of the wraps in the recent months I remembered the wrap chips. And figured, I am not buying the ingredients especially to make the chips and I would be throwing them out anyway... these would be a really great solution to use them up! So that is what we did today.

We laid the wrap out on the chopping board, sprayed it with some olive oil. My friends recipe called for coconut oil but this was all we had in our cupboard at the time. You can get these really awesome spray bottles from Coles. Grind some sea salt over the top and then repeat on the other side. Cut the wrap like you would a pizza and lay it on a baking tray. I baked them until they started to brown and turned crispy.

They were really yummy. Hannah enjoyed helping me make them and both the kids enjoyed eating them afterwards. I think they would be really great used with a dip too. We personally love olive dip at the moment!

A big hit in our house.

Do you have any great food saver ideas you can share?

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