Friday, January 31, 2014

Morning sickness, round 2.

I am sitting here typing this on a beautiful but rare rainy day here in Emerald. The perfect way to spend nap time while it's drizzling in the background. I do apologize for my long absence from my blog, but I believe that it is better for me to create posts when I actually have something interesting to talk about rather then writing for the sake of writing.

For those of my readers who don't already know, I am pregnant again. In fact 23 weeks now in the longest pregnancy in history, well it feels like it anyway ha ha. Don't get me wrong, I think pregnancy is a miracle and deep down I do treasure it although I don't do pregnancy well; with morning sickness, back pain, sore swollen feet, heart burn, extreme tiredness etc. I am not one of those "mother's to be" who just glow and are naturally meant to make babies.
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I did however want to write here to give hope to other potential mummy's out there. Every pregnancy is different. My first time around I was throwing up 2-3 times a day everyday from 6 weeks through till the moment Hannah was being delivered. This time around... Believing it would be exactly the same, the morning sickness started at 7-8 weeks and for the majority of the time I was being sick just once a day except maybe a 3-5 week period where it was the same old 2-3 times a day right up until the 20 week mark where it has now (Touch wood!!!) eased off?!?! I don't want to say it out loud in case I jinx myself but I am finally feeling much better.

I do still throw up from time to time, maybe once a week and I still feel sick or nauseous a lot but it is not all the time like it was in the first half of the pregnancy and the intensity is... dare I say it... bearable! I still feel tired all the time but a small percentage of the energy I used to have just 24 weeks ago has returned and I am able to keep our home remotely clean and put a little more effort into providing a nutritious meal on the table for my family and even occasionally bake!!!

Just a few weeks ago I thought that I was just pregnancy intollerant and would be sick the entire way through any pregnancy I dare to put myself through (I am declaring now, this is the last time!!!) but I am proof and hope to others who have been as sick as I have been that each pregnancy is different and even if you were unwell the first time round there is a chance that things might not be so bad next time.

I do know that I am potentially speaking too soon and things might just turn around in a few short weeks but I am trying to hang on to the positivity this little break has given me and enjoy this very special time while it lasts.

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